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Canadian Electrical Code (CEC)

These are only the sections of code. There are no complete rules here in total. This is only a general reference section.
A word of advice is to get used to these sections. You may as well marry the book because you'll be spending a huge amount of time in it. Some people highlight their code book, some don't. Just keep in mind for the final IP you will have an unmarked book - and for every exam you take from now until that time.
Here is an overview of some products that might help you...

The CEC Handbook - This interprets the code. Gives you reasons why it is a code. This is a wonderful resource if you think the CEC is hard to understand.

The Interactive Standard - This is a combination of a digital CEC code book, the Handbook, and calculators for electrical work.

The ESAT - is a program that gets you used to taking IP questions. There are 1000 questions that are thrown at you in a random manner. This is the 2012. The 2015 esat hasn't been released as of the upload of this page November 2015.

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Here is a list of Sections that are in our Canadian Electrical Code 2015.

Section 0 — Object, scope, and definitions

Section 2 — General Rules

Section 4 — Conductors

Section 6 — Services and service equipment

Section 8 — Circuit loading and demand factors

Section 10 — Grounding and bonding

Section 12 — Wiring methods

Section 14 — Protection and control

Section 16 — Class 1 and Class 2 circuits

Section 18 — Hazardous locations

Section 20 — Flammable liquid and gasoline dispensing, service stations, garages, bulk storage plants, finishing processes, and aircraft hangars

Section 22 — Locations in which corrosive liquids, vapours, or excessive moisture are likely to be present

Section 24 — Patient care areas

Section 26 — Installation of electrical equipment

Section 28 — Motors and generators

Section 30 — Installation of lighting equipment

Section 32 — Fire alarm systems, fire pumps, and carbon monoxide alarms

Section 34 — Signs and outline lighting

Section 36 — High-voltage installations

Section 38 — Elevators, dumbwaiters, material lifts, escalators, moving walks, lifts for persons with physical disabilities, and similar equipment

Section 40 — Electric cranes and hoists

Section 42 — Electric welders

Section 44 — Theatre installations

Section 46 — Emergency power supply, unit equipment, exit signs, and life safety systems

Section 52 — Diagnostic imaging installations

Section 54 — Community antenna distribution and radio and television installations

Section 56 — Optical fiber cables

Section 58 — Passenger ropeways and similar equipment

Section 60 — Electrical communication systems

Section 62 — Fixed electric heating systems

Section 64 — Renewable energy systems

Section 66 — Amusement parks, midways, carnivals, film and TV sets, TV remote broadcasting locations, and travelling shows

Section 68 — Pools, tubs, and spas

Section 70 — Electrical requirements for factory-built relocatable structures and non-relocatable structures

Section 72 — Mobile home and recreational vehicle parks

Section 74 — Airport installations

Section 76 — Temporary wiring

Section 78 — Marinas, yacht clubs, marine wharves, structures, and fishing harbours

Section 80 — Cathodic protection

Section 82 — Closed-loop and pre-closed-loop power distribution

Section 86 — Electric vehicle charging systems

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