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Devices and Materials

When you're building a home there are many things to think of. To help you wrap your head around some of the things you'd need to consider we provided a download of our preliminary order sheet for two homes that were done in the Halifax area here. These do not have every single item that was used on the two homes, but it's a nice example of things to consider. Also, part of the order was a breaker purchase order and that was being donated by a local company. There are more than were needed for the project, we just wanted some in inventory for the organization. Just use this mock up as a read only example. The excel spreadsheet has eight tabs. Navigate from the bottom pages. This project was done in 2013, so it doesn't reflect all of the 2015 code changes....but it's pretty close because we were wiring "above" code.

The thing is, whether or not you're familiar with building a house, you should just jump right in there.. Our backgrounds in electrical are primarily schools, hospitals, commercial buildings, and shipbuilding. Once every two years, we'll volunteer for a few residential buildings, along with doing our own upgrades, etc - just to keep our feet wet. We do not regularily work in residential, but everything passed from inspection.

Download the following XLS (Excel) Spreadsheet Download Quote from local supplier
Residential Electrical Material Sheets Material Quote

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