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The decision to either do renovations in your own home, or do them for somebody else is one that needs to be made very carefully. It is a well kown fact that it's cheaper to tear it all down and start from scratch, rather than try and fool with all the problems that come with renovations

So many things are an unknown when you start fishing through walls, and opening panel trim to find there's no ground, or going into the attic and finding joints in free air, etc.....etc.....what a nightmare.

Here are some shots we'd like to share of photos we gathered ourselves, and a few from other sites. Just a word to the wise....don't give a quote without telling the client it'll be time and material for items not discussed.

Box fill over exceeded and joints exposed.

No Ground. They tried to hide the joints in the attic.

Complete breakdown of insulation of older electrical wires.

Ummm. Where do we start? A panel in the shower?

For relatively new wiring, the fact this panel trim is not able to go on
and has joints in free air is inexcusable.