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Upgrade to your Service

Don't mistaken this for a service change. This is only if you are changing your service to increase your service amperage, or upgrading your service to go from a two wire to a three wire. Please refer to the bottom of this page for Panel Change and Repairs for the requirements for that.. So, in other words, if you're changing your service from an existing 100A service to a 150A or 200A service.

Mast and Meter
- Is the PVC or steel conduit suitable for reuse? Is the size acceptable for the new, larger wires? If not, then when you're ordering new cables that fit the amperage size, get the full lengths of conduit needed to replace the mast/and or meter base.

Here is a link to an Ampacity Chart for Nual Conductors. Because it's a mixture of metals(completely acceptable for services) it has a different ampacity than our Table 2 of the 2015 code book.

Please note: These sizes are figured for most provinces, so if you think they are oversized, by all means get a smaller wire....but just know we did not recommend it. Different areas, have different inspectors and rules. For instance, check out this PDF from Winnipeg. See what we mean?
Service Size Nual Conductors
Copper Conductors
PVC Steel Conduit Meter Base Ground Size Mast Head,
Entrance Cap
100 Amp #1 #3 1 1/4 1 1/4 100A (#6 Cu) or #4 Al 1 1/4
125 Amp 2/0 1 1 1/4 1 1/4 200A (#6 Cu) or #4 Al 1 1/4
150 Amp* 3/0 0 2 2 200A (#6 Cu) or #4 Al 2
200 Amp 250 000 2 2 200A (#6 Cu) or #4 Al 2
* 150 Amp panels are normally special orders from larger cities. Leave extra time in your schedule for delivery.

Please note: We will not be posting 400A service requirements because there are too many extra costs associated with this service change. If a residential unit needs to be upgraded to a 400A, it would be negligent if you didn't try and talk your client into buying energy saving devices/appliances and a renewable energy source for some of their load. Please point them to the solar portion of this website. The expense of a 400A service, and it's yearly fees need to be discussed. Sometimes a client has no clue of what they're looking at in the long range, without having it put bluntly.

Local Utility

Depending on your local utility, the upgrades may, or not be adopted by the Canadian Electrical Code. Jumping on their website and looking at their bulletins, white papers, and specifications will quickly answer anything you have to ask.

We like to call our inspectors. If you have any concerns, they actually like to have you ask their advice. This is the BEST advice you'll ever get. Seriously. Everybody has a different way of doing things, and it's better to ask if you need clarity, rather than do something wrong that will cost you having to redo it.

For instance, our local utlity has these standards for an upgrade of service....

#1) Obtain Site Scope and Permit
#2) Route for service entrance wires approved?
#3) Height and clearance for meter base correct?
#4) Is the house upgraded for minimum wiring requirements? Please look for up to date bulletins.
#5) Is the house upgraded for minimum device requirements? Please look for up to date bulletins.
#6) Is the existing wiring of acceptable insulation resistance? Please refer to the Permits Section to get a step by step process on how to do a proper insulation test.