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Visual Testing

Safety Glasses
It goes without saying that this type of testing is visual. The reason we took this page and segregated it is because we wanted to preface the importance of it.

This is one of the most important tests, besides ultrasonic and insulation testing. Our eyes are used all the time on the job. So, to start off we'll mark the importance of safety glasses. Make sure your safety glasses are made so that they still meet your local safety standards, but that they don't distort your vision. A cheap pair of safety glasses can affect your vision. What can start off at 20/20 vision, after prolonged use of cheap plastic lenses that are manufactured incorrectly, will eventually turn into a visual correction. You can go to your optometrist and get a pair of prescription set of safety glasses, even if you don't have glasses. They will make sure you have non distorted material in your glasses.

The standards for safety glasses is Z94.3 - developed by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA).

Maintenance Clues by Visual Indications

The first part of troubleshooting or maintenance is visual. You must look for clues around a piece of equipment, or inside to determine some of the physical symptoms of possible problems. Inspections can vary depending on equipment and processes.

A typical industrial maintenance inspection should look for:

- any signs of electrical burning, pitting, or arcing
- connectors secure with wiring or harness
- foreign objects
- leaks in gaskets, seals, or rings
- loose parts, bolts or signs
- excessive dirt or dust build up
- gauges not within tolerance
- moisture damage or build up
- or physical damage due to abnormal wear

Frequency of Visual Tests

This scheduling can be done as frequently as once a week, to once a year depending on the usage of the equipment.

Examples of Visual Damage or Degradation

Pitting on Bus Bars

Stator winding damage

Brush Wear in a Motor

Motor Bearings Worn

Circuit Board Damage

Wiring Harness, Solder