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Nova Scotia adopts the code of the CEC, so you're going to get a lot of summarized code, and as for the exceptions, you'll have to flip through the areas outlined. These are only highlights. If you want to see a detailed list, go to the build a house portion of this site under Resources.

- Not more than 12 outlets on any 2 wire branch circuit (CEC 8-304)(1)or subrule 3 80%
- Tamper proof unless located behind an appliance or 2m above finished grade 26-712 (a)(g)and(h)
- Dedicated circuit for Dining 26-724(e)
- Kitchen. No more than two 15A split receptacles on a three wire, or two 20A on a two wire. 26-724(b) Dedicated and any located within 1.5m of a sink have to GFCI protected.
- Refrigerator. Dedicated. 26-722(a)
- Electric Range - Stove - Dedicated. 8-300. No higher than 130mm from ff, center of the range, and plug orientation to the side.26-744(4)(6)
- Microwave. Dedicated. 26-722(d)
- Utility Room. Dedicated. 26-722(c)
- Laundry. Dedicated
- Outdoor recptacles must be protected by GFCI.

- Click here to see the proper termination of receptacles. We're referring to a pigtailed connection.
- Ground up, or ground down argument.

Fire Alarm - Section 32 CEC

- Will not be placed on a GFCI/AFCI protected circuit
- Circuit will have no disconnecting means
- Circuit will not be mixed with lighting and receptacles.